Hello my fellow PFP/GPP participants

Last week, we had the kick-off input seminar for this year’s Global Perspectives Programme. So what you at Virginia Tech might refer to as PFP, we in Basel call GPP. So much an terminology.

We had to mostly inspiring and motivating days with Karen and Shelli. Besides all the substantial inputs, they made us know what it means to be a GPP participant and they made us identify with the programme. I am looking forward to getting to know you, discussing, working and laughing with you.

Many thanks to Justin at this point. I was delighted to see that he posted about FC Basels playing Bayern Munich. Tonight is the second leg game in Munich. Here in Basel, the whole city is already nervous and excited. Tonight, over 10’000 people (this is a very large number for Swiss proportions) are expected to meet at the central square (Barf├╝sserplatz) to watch the match. Maybe the fairytale goes on …